VERTIGO Men’s 2 Piece 5mm Wetsuit


The next generation of aquatic camouflage. The only suit with 2-stage pattern designed to keep body profiles distorted and undetected.

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Say hello to Vertigo, the most advanced aquatic camouflage on the planet.  An industry first, VERTIGO features two levels of predatory concealment to keep divers hidden and undetected.  To do this it utilizes a full spectrum color mosaic overlaid on actual tropical reef imagery.  From there the “base” design is then interrupted by a complex pattern of geometric shapes, lines and bars. This “dazzle” style design, first introduced in WWI, breaks up the diver’s profile making it virtually impossible for fish to realize your size, range, speed or heading.  Until it’s too late.

Men’s VERTIGO 2 Piece Suit Features:

  • 5mm two piece suit – Ideal for cold water diving conditions
  • Long John Bottom
  • Super stretch open cell neoprene
  • Integrated hood perforated ear pockets
  • Padded chest load pad
  • Abrasion resistant knee pads
  • Integrated knife/ accessory pocket


An industry first. VERTIGO’s 2-Stage camouflage pattern is designed to keep users hidden while simultaneously distorting their profile.

Next Generation Aquatic Camouflage

You need the right gear to land the fish of a life-time.

Two Stage Camo

The only suit with 2-stage pattern designed to keep body profiles distorted and undetected

Micro & Macro

Complex Vertigo Camouflage features full color geometric micro and interrupting macro patterns

Get Closer

Virtually impossible for fish to determine size, range, speed, and heading of Diver

Integrated Knife/ Accessory Pocket

Keep a knife close at hand  for when the time comes to finish the job


If you can point, you can shoot fish.


Spearfishing gear designed for divers, by divers.

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