Our most advanced aluminum speargun, now with Hydro-STŌN camouflage barrels.

*actual camo colors may vary from what is pictured

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Say hello to the newest member of our Speargun Family. Made right, from the start. Made here at the Oceanside California factory. The Reaper STŌN looks as deadly as it shoots. The carbon infused polymer handle is designed to feel like a natural extension of your arm, if you can point with this speargun, you can shoot fish. The STŌN coated aerospace aluminum extruded barrel with integral rail delivers unmatched stiffness and accuracy, easily taming the two 5/8” band power source. Its streamlined muzzle transfers energy in perfect parallel alignment with the 17-4 heat treated spring stainless steel shaft for precision shot placement. At the heart of the Reaper STŌN series is its laser cut .25” 304 stainless sear.  It ensures that The Reaper STŌN will shoot flawlessly long after the first time it gets wet.

Reaper Series Features:

  • Licensed Hydro-STŌN camouflage barrel
  • Aircraft grade aluminum barrel with integrated rail for ultimate accuracy and minimal flex.
  • 9/32” heat treated stainless steel shaft with integrated Point and tuned flopper.  Threaded shafts are available separately.
  • .25″ Stainless sear and line release mechanism components
  • Two 5/8″ Elite Nitro Bands with triple core Spectra wishbones
  • Integrated barrel float chamber – Speargun floats without spearshaft
  • Optional gun butt for easy loading
  • Integrated rail mount for accessories
  • Steel reinforced muzzle eyelet for reels
  • Ambidextrous safety and line release
  • Open muzzle with closed muzzle adapter for freeshafting
  • Ergonomic handle
  • American Made


Travel anywhere in the world and you will find JBL spearguns in the hands of hardcore shooters.


You need the right gear to land the fish of a life-time.

Aircraft Aluminum

STŌN Camo Aircraft grade aluminum barrel with integrated rail ensures ultimate accuracy and minimal flex.  All Reaper Spearguns feature built-in float chambers to keep them buoyant without the shaft.


Precision & Power

Laser cut .25″ metal 304 stainless steel sear and line release

Heat Treated

Every Reaper Speargun comes standard with a 9/32” heat treated stainless steel shaft with integrated Point and tuned flopper.  These shafts are made to be extremely stiff and durable to help you catch the fish of a lifetime.  Threaded shafts are available separately.



The Reaper muzzle is the perfect union of aesthetics and function.  The streamlined curves that enclose its two Nitro Bands function to elevate stretched bands parallel to the shaft. This in effect transfers energy in alignment with the shaft for precision shot placement.  The Reaper’s  stainless steel reinforced eyelet can be used as a line guide when a reel is mounted.


If you can point, you can shoot fish.


We’re proud to offer the first ever rail gun built in America from start to finish.

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