Your best shot is only as good as the shaft you’re using.  Each JBL Reaper Shaft is individually hand tuned for straightness in our Oceanside shop before being heated to over 900 degrees Fahrenheit and allowed to cool slowly.  By using 17-4 stainless steel and heat treating, our shafts offer unparalleled durability and accuracy.

Not sure which spearshaft goes on your speargun?  See our Specs Sheet for correct size and fitment.

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OEM Replacement shafts for JBL Reaper Series spearguns.  These spearshafts are compatible with other Railgun and Euro style spearguns that feature a rounded locking rear trigger mechanism.  Each 17-4 stainless steel shaft is hand straightened, tuned, and heat treated.  The result is maximum accuracy and hardness.  Available in 9/32 and 17/64″ diameter with rounded rest notches or mini fin tabs for use with kevlar or spectra wishbones.  Available with 6mm threads or pencil point and 3″ tuned flopper.


  • 9/32″ or 17/64″ diameter 17-4 heat treated stainless steel
  • Individually hand straightened and tuned shafts
  • Compatible with JBL Reaper Series spearguns
  • Compatible with other Railgun and Euro style spearguns with rounded rear locking trigger mechanism
  • Available with 3″ tuned flopper spearhead (rounded notched back only) or 6mm threads
  • Available with rounded load notches or mini fin tabs for use with Elite Nitro Bands

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